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The Selection Process

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Complete application according to instructions.
  3. Submit completed application, professional resume and references list on or before the application close deadline.
  4. Invitation to Selection Weekend.
  5. Final fellowship decisions.

Program Details

The E.A. Morris Fellowship program brings together several different programming elements—participation in intensive seminars and leadership training exercises, attendance at public policy events throughout the year, communication among participants via the Fellowship web tools, and building knowledge through directed readings and information.

The Fellowship develops further understanding of the philosophical and political issues surrounding such topics as:

  • Spotting opportunities for leadership in a local community,
  • Ethics for developing leadership,
  • Elements of fundraising and philanthropy,
  • Program planning and evaluation,
  • Economic analysis and how to use it,
  • Speaking in public and in the media,
  • Modern electoral politics,
  • Emotional Intelligence and Organization Effectiveness,
  • Finding and cultivating like-minded volunteers, donors, and activists.

Special Events

To participate in the E.A. Morris Fellowship program, each Fellow is required to attend a prescribed number of special events throughout the Fellowship year. These are:

Leadership Retreats (3). Throughout the year, three mandatory leadership retreats are held at different locations around the state. The retreats are the main mechanism by which the E.A. Morris Fellowship will help to build and strengthen the next generation of leaders in North Carolina.

Each retreat further develops the individual Fellow’s leadership skills, and is designed to correlate with the Fellow’s selected project goals. JLF staff and visiting lecturers oversee retreat sessions, discuss leadership topics, and organize “evening chats” on a variety of issues.

Local Forums (4). Fellows must also attend four events/conferences over the course of the year. Universities, civic groups, think tanks, political groups, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, or other organizations typically sponsor these events. Fellows choose from among an approved list of forums, and may recommend events for addition to the list. The common denominator for these events is subject matter that broadens Fellows’ minds in areas of leadership, public policy, or issues facing North Carolinians.

Final Presentation. The Fellows’ project should be the focus of their yearlong leadership effort. This project may be a volunteer effort, nonprofit group, business-led task force, or public-sector undertaking in which Fellows develop a team and work with others in a leadership role. Throughout the Fellowship year, participants gain the tools they need to address local problems and to attain their objectives.

As Fellows reach leadership project milestones, documentation of their work should be shared with their Fellowship Class on the web. Appropriate web sites have been created for use as a reference and resource for current and prospective Fellows.

The Fellows’ commitment and hard work are formally recognized at the Hello/Farewell gala.


If you have any questions about the application process, contact Anna Martina at [email protected]

Apply Online

2024 Fellowship Calendar

October 9, 2023
Application period opens
December 1, 2023
Application period closes, applications due
December 15, 2023
Finalist Notification & Invitations to Selection Weekend
February 3-4, 2024
2023 Selection Weekend
March 8-10, 2024
Retreat 1 — Pinehurst, NC
June 7 - 9, 2024
Retreat 2 - Blowing Rock, NC
September 13 - 15, 2024
Retreat 3 - New Bern, NC
February 1, 2025
Fellowship ends, Hello & Goodbye Dinner